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My most recent blog, ” Seasons of sighs and mournful wistfulness” is about autumn as a season. Autumn often arouses conflicting emotions. It affords pleasure in the wonderful colours of trees and hedgerows and the ripened fruits, nuts and berries of the growing season. Equally the decaying leaves, the shortening days and colder weather can dampen spirits. After months of living through the coronavirus pandemic I reflect on these feelings and touch on how Covid has affected the lives of 16-24 year olds.

Previous blogs have fallen into two categories. The first have been about making the most of the extra time available during lockdown for looking at the environment around us and reflecting on our lives. These comprise:

  • Stones and the passage of time – is about how structures of stone not only provide a place to live, a fortification or a place of worship but enrich lives.
  • White swans and black birds – the enjoyment and solace gained by the blackbird in our garden and the swans at the pond we pass on one of our walks.
  • Phases of the moon – time to observe the world and the night sky around us over a lunar month
  • Paths and destinations – reflections on life choices and complexities as we entered lockdown
  • Caribbean escape – gentle musings in the first weeks of isolation and dreaming in the bath

The second category is more about the politics and effects of lockdown restrictions on our lives. These comprise:

  • Emergence – is about coming out of lockdown with different road maps for Scotland and England . It touches on the feelings of emerging from isolation after such a long time
  • The two faces of politics – the political storm and public anger over Dominic Cumming’s trip to Durham
  • Touching distance – the ways in which social distancing have affected us and the debate on what distance is a safe distance

Shortly I hope to add some pages devoted to outdoor photography.

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